Long holidays are very appropriate to be spent with your family, especially with your beloved children. Unfortunately, not all world tourist destinations offer a variety of beautiful charms that are very suitable for reference on educational family vacations. Therefore, as a wise parent, you must know about various child-friendly countries for traveling which will certainly make your vacation experience with your family even more memorable.

There are many criteria that must be met when you want to get a child-friendly tourist destination. In this case, you must pay attention to whether the area is very minimally polluted, provides a variety of educational tours and of course has a lot of play tours for children. By referring to the child-friendly country requirements for traveling, you will get greater benefits from a tour .

It is stated that each country has its own uniqueness in terms of tourism which will then be used as a consideration in choosing a child-friendly country for traveling. In this case, you will no longer bother to provide special pleasure for your little one who really wants to spend a vacation. In fact, your little one will feel impressed by traveling abroad for this holiday agenda.

The best recommendations for child-friendly countries for traveling

For those of you who are still confused about various amazing world tourist destinations and are confused about choosing child-friendly country destinations for traveling, there are several countries in the world that will certainly make children’s travel trips more enjoyable and memorable. For those of you who want this, you can try visiting some of the following tourist destinations.

1. The State of Malaysia

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This country, which is quite close to Indonesia, is part of a child-friendly country for traveling which will certainly provide an exciting travel experience. How come? In this country, children are provided with a lot of educational tourism spots that will certainly invite children to play and learn. Some of the best and highly recommended educational tourist attractions include Aquaria KLCC, Malaysia Textile Museum, Kuala Lumpur Tower Mini Zoo and many others.

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2. State of Singapore

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Well-known for its country that prioritizes cleanliness, a country that makes it easy with a mobility system for all its citizens is very suitable to be used as a reference for a child-friendly country for traveling. There are lots of interesting spots for children that can be visited such as Universal Studio Singapore, Central Public Library, Singapore Zoo, Tayo Station and so on. By visiting this tourist spot, it is guaranteed that both children and adults will feel at home for a long time enjoying various excitement.

3. The country of Hong Kong

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Not to forget, Hong Kong is also known as a child-friendly country for traveling that will pamper tourists with a variety of fun that is second to none. Interestingly, this country always offers a variety of rides that challenge adrenaline like Disneyland. Apart from that, Hong Kong also offers stunning city views to be enjoyed from the phenomenal heights of Victoria Peak. Those of you who invite your children can also stop at the chocolate museum.

4. Japan

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Known as the land of the rising sun, Japan is part of a child-friendly country for traveling. This is none other than because of the many interesting spots that are very suitable to be used as a tourist reference with your children. While in Japan, you can visit some of the best destinations including Tokyo Disneyland, Okinawa’s giant aquarium to the Studio Ghibli Museum.

5. The Australian continent

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Not to forget, this smallest continent which is very popular with its natural charm was also named a child-friendly country for traveling. In several countries in Australia, there are many of the best spots that are suitable as vacation options with children. You can enjoy ice cream while looking at the beauty of Bondi Beach in Sydney. In addition, don’t miss visiting Melbourne, which offers tours of the Werribe Open Range Zoo to Philip Island Nature Park.

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6. The country of Iceland

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It was stated that Iceland is a child-friendly country for traveling which is famous for its very clean air. Here, children can move without fear of the risk of air pollution.
Various interesting educational activities while on vacation in Iceland are enjoying the beauty of the aurora to visiting Vatnajokuli National Park. Not only that, while in Iceland you will be spoiled with beautiful views of snowy glaciers, hills and mountains.

7. The country of Switzerland

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Apart from Iceland, a child-friendly country for traveling which of course also offers very cool air is Switzerland. This country is famous for its customs, traditions and culture which are very interesting to learn. The various beauties that can be enjoyed from this country are its amazing natural scenery consisting of mountains and lakes to the best spots such as Zurich Zoo, Rhine Falls or Chillon Castle.

8. The State of Spain

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For those of you who are still confused about choosing a child-friendly country for traveling, you can try visiting Spain. A country that has a lot of lodging places is famous for its history, architecture and also a very strong artistic culture.
Here, you can also visit a phenomenal park for tourists such as Park Guell in the Barcelona area. At this location, there is also an artistic building to serve as the best photo spot.

9. The State of Denmark

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Does your baby like lego games? If so, you can invite your little one to play to your heart’s content with the beloved lego in Denmark. It is said that this child-friendly country for traveling offers shopping centers full of legos. One of them is the Lego House which is located in the area around Bullund.
With an area of ​​at least 40 thousand square meters, this location is a paradise for lego lovers who spend their holidays in Denmark. With the availability of tens of thousands of legos, you can spoil your little one to arrange them to their heart’s content.

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10. The State of Norway

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No less interesting than several countries in the world, Norway is also one of the child-friendly countries for traveling. It is said that in this country it will spoil your little one with a variety of exciting games that are endless. Interestingly, there are lots of museums that you can visit with various historical stories that will certainly increase your little one’s knowledge. Some of them are the Viking Ship Museum, Kon-Tiki Museum and many others.

Those are some child-friendly country destinations for traveling that will make your vacation with your family more memorable. In addition, with a variety of interesting and educational tours, your little one can now play while learning. For those of you who are planning a vacation abroad, make sure to prepare everything including budget availability. Thus, your vacation will be much more memorable and there are no obstacles whatsoever. Have a good vacation!

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